Red Stainless Steel Twisted Potato Apple Slicer

Manual Red Stainless Steel Twisted Potato Apple Slicer Spiral French Fry Vegetable Cutter Red


Red color well designed machine with stainless steel which could slice potatoes easily and quickly, saving your time.
Total weight only 450g/0.99Ib.Dimensions:24*11*15cm/9.45’*4.33’*5.90′.Easily taken with, could be used in kitchen at home, or adding different flavors while barbecuing in your backyard.
The bottom could be strongly attached and fixed to any surface by using the small handle aside. Making sure of the safety while using the machine.
Making sure your potatoes could be sliced in good shapes with simple operation. Wide variety of usage which not only includes potatoes slicing but also other fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, cucumbers etc.
Several Bamboo Sticks and 1 * Twisted Potato Slicer Included in the Package. Durable using making long term profits.

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Brand Name: Fruit & Vegetable Tools
Material: Metal
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Shredders & Slicers
Metal Type: Aluminum Alloy
Color: Random (Red)

1. Function and principle: Through simple operation, to complete a one-time peeling to potato or other fruits, and also can peel to the core and cut thin slice, you can also use only peeling function.
2. Features: The aluminum bracket, with a plastic suction cup to fix the machine; and the design of flexible peeling tool profiling ability, can adapt to the cutting of different degrees of elliptical degrees and convex surface.
3. Material structure: This machine has aluminum-zinc alloy and stainless steel cutting tools and other materials, the other parts by electroplating, spray and other process.
4.After processing: cut into thin slices, after frying, fresh and crisp when you eating! Creating a lot of convenience, is a good helper of civilized life, but also gifts for relatives and friends and elders and promotions such as a good gift!