Balibaba Smart Design Collapsible Food Storage Containers

Smart Design Collapsible Food Storage Containers Multi Size – Food, Lunch, Students, Travel – Kitchen [Multi color] (Set of 7)


7 Pieces Set
Material: Plastic (Polypropylene & Polyethylene)
Ideal for keeping odors out
Sizes (Based on Capacity): 5L, 3L, 2L, 1.1L, 0.6L, 0.22L, 0.35M

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Storage provides a colourful, space-saving solution, the clever design allows you to store multiple sizes of food container in the same space as the largest. Container bases nest neatly inside each other and lids snap conveniently together making them very easy to find. All sets feature airtight lids and clear colour coding for easy pairing.

All elements are freezer and dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

Available in a variety of sizes and sets.


Package Includes

Includes 7containers with 7lids multicolor set.
Perfectly designed for space-saving storage and kitchen organization.


Features and Benefits

Each container collapses down to 60% of the actual size with the lid attached.
Includes vaccum valve on the lids to keep food fresher longer and perfect for the office, carry out, lunch, students, and travel!